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We know there are friends, families, and people out there that still appreciate old time values.  People that still watch The Andy Griffin Show, people that want their children to grow up with American values, morals, and ethics. That’s what we’re about.  We want you to come back to the basics of small town living and to realize that even though we have modern conveniences in our community, we continue to strive for the values that families used to seek.  We’re not trying to promote any particular politics or religion, just the faith in humanity that continues to guide the majority of us.


The Depot Grille

Let’s face it, Staunton, Virginia offers old time history, family fun, and attempts to replace what we had years ago. As you sit in front of your television or computer, we hope that you think of the times that were. When we had that “family thing” going on. It’s hard to explain what it’s like. It’s one of those things you have to see to appreciate!

Family Reunions, Thanksgiving Dinners, Christmas Dinners, and taking care of our own.  What happened to the days like that?  The days when families were important.  Now all we have are I-phones, stupid television shows, and parents that are so busy they can’t even think of the things they enjoyed when they were growing up.  Come on, we can have this again, just do it. Staunton is the place to restore yourself, bring your family back to what you remember vacations being in the past.  Staunton and its surrounding areas are the place to find peace and to bring together that family feeling.  Remember when Grandma had dinner on Sunday’s and afterward there was a ball game?  Come on, just because we’re in this technical world doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy family time any longer.

Visit small town Staunton, its history, its harmony, its friendliness, and its culture.  Relax and enjoy time with your family and friends. It’s not Busch Gardens, but the rewards you get will bring your family far closer.



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